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For foundations & endowments


Do your policies support the mission? Achieve balance? Preserve the legacy?

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Your Current Policies

Long term implications

  • Are spending and investment policies out of balance?
  • What spending levels can be expected under the current policies?
  • How volatile could spending be over the short and long term?
  • Is generational equity being achieved?


  • Chance of decreased spending
  • Chance of decreased principal

Restricted asset pools

  • Create asset pools with their own asset allocation, spending policy, or gifts

What If

Spending policy changes

  • Effect of drawdown
  • Donor restrictions
  • Minimum payouts
  • Under water restrictions
  • Yale/Stanford Rules
  • Ad hoc spending
  • Custom rule

Investment policy changes

  • Select candidate portfolios from an efficient frontier

Gifts change

The Result

Compare Policies

  • See effect of policies side by side
  • Define risks according to your unique circumstances and measure it
  • Identify policy changes that improve risk profiles

Share, Inform, Act

  • Work transparently, unlocking assumptions, calculations, and methodologies from their “black box”
  • Share the analysis easily with others, including Excel and PowerPoint
  • Drive spending discussions with data, rather than politics
  • Make informed decisions