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Interactive Modeling

For pension & OPEB plans

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Your Current Policies

Long term implications

  • What are future costs expected to be?
  • What is the expected volatility of funded status?
  • Do other strategies improve the outlook?


  • What are the chances that funding levels could dip below 80%? Below 60%?
  • What are the chances that employer contributions could exceed 15% of payroll? 25% of payroll?

 Financial statement view

  • Look at one plan or aggregate all plans (e.g., pension + retiree medical)

What If You Change…

Actuarial policy

  • What is the expected impact of a lower discount rate?

Contribution policy

  • What is the worst case outcome for a new policy that would fund the plan faster?

Benefits policy

  • How much will employer contributions decline if plan institutes a new tier of benefits with higher employee contributions and lower COLAs?

Investment policy

  • How much can a dynamic glide path investment policy reduce the volatility of funded status?

The Result

Compare policies

  • See effect of policies side by side
  • Identify specific policies which best fit goals and objectives
  • Develop and evaluate new scenarios using custom definitions of risk and reward

Share, inform, act

  • Run forecasts in a meeting setting
  • Display results in a clear and simple format
  • Share the analysis easily with others, including Excel export
  • Get advance warning to limit risk and produce better future cost outcomes
  • Make informed decisions