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Benefit calculations for pension plans

Trusted by some of the biggest names in benefit administration for their largest plans

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Plan Setup Capabilities

ProAdmin Desktop

Benefit Calculations

  • Benefit estimates (with future assumptions)
  • Final benefit calculations
  • Date/age/service calculations
  • Batch
  • Extensible to participant websites – see ProAdmin Server


  • Optional forms, consent forms, and more…

No programming

  • Benefit analysts can set up plan provisions, even complex ones, without programmers
  • Faster, higher quality, and lower costs

Technical overview

Deployment Roadmap

System Requirements

ProAdmin Server

Supplemental component to ProAdmin Desktop

  • Plugs benefit calculations into participant website, call center, or voice reponse system
  • Plan provisions maintained and developed using ProAdmin Desktop

Integrates with your existing administration technology

  • Participant data and calculation results passed via XML
  • Scalable to meet your volume demands
  • Sub-second calculation processing

Technical overview

Deployment Roadmap

Compare ProAdmin Desktop vs. ProAdmin Server

ProAdmin Server System Requirements

Grid Platform

Substantial speedups of CPU intensive runs by distributing them across a network of computers.

Shared resource
Available to all ProAdmin users connected to a shared network.

Unlimited local processors
Utilize all local processors. Thus, speed ups don’t require a grid of networked computers.

Grid Platform Installation Guide and System Requirements