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SimMetric - Full Installation

Version: 1.24, 01/8/2021 | Size: 11.0 MB | Filename: SimSetup.exe

License: Free 30-day trial or paid subscription, subject to accepting the terms of use upon installation.

  1. Click the Download Full Installation button to download and run SimSetup.exe.
  2. When SimMetric starts, you will need to activate your copy using a free 30-day trial or paid subscription.
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure your installation is up-to-date by following the Update Existing Installation instructions below.

SimMetric - Update Existing Installation

  1. From the Options menu in SimMetric, choose Download Program Updates.
  2. If a file is open, you will be asked to close it -- click OK to continue.
  3. If SimMetric finds updates, click the Download button and follow the prompts to close and restart SimMetric. Otherwise, your installation is up-to-date and you can click Cancel.