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Our technical resources are available to software licensees to support your client work. Our fees are based on time and expense.


  • Forecasting “boot ups”. Investment consultancies may not maintain the actuarial expertise needed to develop the liability model for a forecast. Our team can replicate another actuary’s valuation and prepare an initial deterministic forecast. The process requires the latest valuation report and census data and typically takes 4-6 weeks.
  • Capital market simulations. Consultancies may not maintain the expertise needed to calibrate a capital market simulation for a stochastic forecast. Our team can complete a simulation, according to your parameters, or assist you in your efforts.
  • Valuation conversions. Although we don’t offer end-to-end conversions, our team includes significant experience with conversions and can develop an overall strategy with respect to converting your book of business from a legacy system.


  • ProAdmin “boot ups”. We realize that sometimes you need a little help in meeting your client deliverables. Our team can assist you in getting plans “booted up” on ProAdmin.  We require the plan document, summary plan document (SPD), and sample calculations to assess the effort. After our review we will provide you with a statement of work (SOW) detailing the coding timeframe and associated costs


  • Forecasting “boot ups”. We will boot up your Fund’s investment and spending policies and (provided with your capital market assumptions) will prepare a capital market simulation -- at no charge.