ProAdmin Downloads

ProAdmin Desktop - Full Installation

Version: 3.13, 11/21/2019 | Size: 162 MB | Filename: adm313.exe License: Paid subscription

 ProAdmin Installation Guide (including system requirements)  What's New in ProAdmin 3.13

ProAdmin Desktop - Update

Version: 3.13, 11/21/2019  | Size: 21.9 MB| Filename: License: Paid subscription

Use: Update an existing 3.13 installation.
  1. Click Download Desktop Update (above)
  2. Unzip UPDT313.ZIP into the ProAdmin Desktop program folder, replacing existing files.  For network installations, copy wintechgridutil.dll to each user’s local ProAdmin Desktop directory, replacing the existing file.
  3. Start ProAdmin Desktop from a workstation having write access to the ProAdmin Desktop program folder. A “ProAdmin update files were found” message will appear. Click OK to apply the update.
For a list of changes, see patches.doc (in UPDT313.ZIP).

ProAdmin Server - Update

Version: 3.13, 11/21/2019  | Size: 24.2 MB | Filename: License: Paid subscription Use: Update an existing ProAdmin Server installation. If you do not already have ProAdmin Server installed, contact WinTech to obtain the full installation.

  1. Click on the Download Server Update button to get the update.
  2. On the machine running ProAdmin Server, Stop the ProAdmin service through Administrative Tools | Services.
  3. Replace existing files in the directory that you installed the ProAdmin service with the new versions in the zip file.
  4. Open the file Additional upgrade step for ProAdmin Server.pdf and follow the steps.
  5. Restart the ProAdmin service through Administrative Tools | Services.

Grid Agent Installation

Version: 3.13, 05/21/2019 | Size: 4 MB | Filename: WinTechGridAgentSetup.exe License: Paid subscription (separate from ProAdmin) Use: Install on computers designated to be part of the Grid Platform. Typically these are not the same computers where ProAdmin is installed. Note, you must run this installer as an administrator.

 Grid Platform Installation Guide – includes an overview of using the Grid, setup and system requirements

Regulatory Data - Update

Date: 11/13/2019 | Size: 6.6 KB | Filename: Use: Download the latest regulatory data for prior versions of ProAdmin. Not needed for the most recent version of ProAdmin, which already includes the latest regulatory data (recommended). Do not use this regulatory data with versions prior to ProAdmin 3.01 12/3/2010, which did not properly handle the 2011 decrease in U.S. Soc. Sec. National Avg. Wage and/or the 2010 zero U.S. Soc. Sec. CPI. If you’re not sure whether you should apply these updates, email or call +1 203 861 5540.

  1. Click Download Regulatory Data (above).
  2. Exit ProAdmin. All users must exit for a network installation.
  3. Unzip into the ProAdmin program folder, replacing existing files. For network installations, the ProAdmin program folder is typically on a network server and not a user's workstation.