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ProVal PS - Full Installation

Version: 3.20, 6/6/2024 | Size: 37.9 MB | Filename: ProValPSsetup.exe

License: Free for use with existing files, subject to accepting the terms of use upon installation.

  1. Click the Download Full Installation button above to download ProValPSsetup.exe.
  2. Right-click on ProValPSsetup.exe and click "Run as Administrator"
  3. IMPORTANT: Make sure your installation is up-to-date by following the Update Existing Installation instructions below.

 ProVal PS System Requirements

ProVal PS - Update Existing Installation

Use: Update an existing ProVal PS installation from any previous version to the most recent.

  1. From the Options menu in ProVal PS, choose Download Program Updates.
  2. If a file is open, you will be asked to close it -- click OK to continue.
  3. If ProVal PS finds updates, click the Download button and follow the prompts to close and restart ProVal PS. Otherwise, your installation is up-to-date and you can click Cancel.

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