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Send Files

Why send files? Sometimes sending us the files you're working on helps us answer a question or replicate a problem. You can send us your files here, even if the file would be too large to send by email (many email systems do not permit messages, including attachments, larger than 10MB).

What files should you send? For ProVal and ProAdmin, send the library files provaldd.sf, pvvip.sf, pvasmp.sf, and pvout.sf. Do not send census data unless absolutely necessary, and when doing so, be sure to remove personally identifiable information and/or anonymize the data. If you are unsure whether census data is necessary, please call technical support at +1 203 861 5540. For ProVal PS, send the *.pvps file. For SimMetric, send the *.xsm file.

How securely are the files transmitted? As the checkbox denotes below, we mandate the use of 128-bit TLS encryption for sending files.

We recommend zipping the files using a product such as WinZip before sending.