Valuations & projections for pension and OPEB plans

Used worldwide by pension actuaries & investment professionals

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Census Data

Complete data screening

  • Status reconciliations
  • Duplicates
  • Missing and invalid values
  • Unexpected changes
  • Custom screening tests

Powerful data editing

  • Importing and merging
  • Defining fields by expression and table lookup
  • Resolving duplicates
  • Change history

Frequency tables and statistical reports

  • Age / service scatter charts
  • Custom reports


Complex benefit formulas

  • Pension plans with final average, career average, cash balance, pension equity, floor / offset, project and prorate, and more…
  • Medical, life insurance, and disability plans with defined dollar benefits, employer contribution caps, decreasing life insurance, lifetime maximums, and more…

Complex assumptions

  • Assumptions by location
  • Segment and yield curve interest rates
  • Generational and pre/post-commencement mortality

Complete sample lives

Results by individual

Automated sensitivity analysis

Contributions & Expense

Maximum flexibility

  • Myriad of options for contribution policy, asset smoothing methods, etc.

Relevant laws and regulations

  • Contributions and expense are determined according to the relevant law and accounting standard

Complete workpapers


What-if scenarios

  • Economic scenarios (inflation, interest rates, returns, …)
  • Future plan amendments
  • Changes to contribution or actuarial policy
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Population changes, open or closed group

Integrated assets and liabilities

  • Inflation affects both assets and liabilities
  • Interest rates connect liabilities, fixed income returns, and lump sum payouts with one another

Deterministic and stochastic forecasting

  • ALM, LDI
  • Dynamic asset allocation

Report Writing & Output

Report writing

  • Integrated report writer with Microsoft Word templates

Custom output

  • Compare or combine any number of runs
  • Detailed results by benefit, status, subtotal, etc.
  • Custom templates for easy reuse

Export for U.S. government forms

Additional Tools

  • Gain/loss Analysis
  • Experience Studies
  • Administration Factors
  • U.S. Nondiscrimination Testing
  • U.S. Social Security PIA
  • Disclosure & Budgeting
  • Plan sponsor tool – see ProVal PS

Grid Platform

Substantial speedups of CPU intensive runs by distributing them across a network of computers.

Shared resource
Available to all ProVal users connected to a shared network.

Unlimited local processors
Utilize all local processors. Thus, speed ups don’t require a grid of networked computers.

Grid Platform Installation Guide and System Requirements