Shortcuts pane

Shortcuts pane

Last updated: Friday, November 10, 2017

Applies to: ProVal 3.07 7/6/2015 and earlier, Disclosure & Budgeting Tool 3.07 7/6/2015 and earlier, Grid Agent 3.07 12/18/2014 and earlier, ProVal PS 3.07 7/6/2015 and earlier, ProAdmin 3.07 7/9/2015 and earlier, SimMetric 1.18 7/21/2015 and earlier


Sometimes when starting ProVal, the Shortcuts pane on the left is missing everything but the text: images, titles, [+]/[-] boxes, connecting lines, etc. do not appear.  Closing and restarting ProVal generally makes them reappear.

Instead of this…


You see this:



Add a “WsNotLow=100m” to your proval.ini file in the [Config] section.  This setting keeps 100 MB of memory free that ProVal might otherwise use for other tasks.  The exact setting (e.g., “50m”, “100m”, or “150m”) necessary to avoid the error might vary by machine, but “100m” has worked for a few machines that were prone to this error.







While the exact cause is not known, not enough Windows resources are available.  The problem appears more likely to occur on older versions of Windows (XP) with less than the 4GB of memory (RAM).

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