For the financial management of endowments and foundations
Used by fund professionals and their advisors

Key Benefits and Features

  • Manage risk. Define risk(s) according to your unique circumstances and measure it. Identify policy changes that improve risk profiles.
  • Project spending. Forecast expected spending as well as potential volatility over the short and long term. Model common spending policies such as corridors and the Yale rule, or write your own custom spending formula.
  • Work transparently. Unlock assumptions, calculations and methodologies from their “black box”. Share the analysis easily with others.

 Video – 1 minute.

 SimMetric Brochure

Research & Development

  • Continual improvement. New versions are frequent and full of new features.
  • Features you want. Development priorities are set by user needs, technology changes, law changes, and strategic planning. See What’s New for recent enhancements.
  • Upward compatibility. Upgrading is painless. All of your work automatically transfers to the new release.
  • Quality control. Regression testing is applied to every update and new release.