Problem launching WinTech software in Windows 10

Problem launching WinTech software in Windows 10

Last updated: Friday, November 10, 2017

Applies to: ProVal 3.07 7/6/2015 and earlier, Disclosure & Budgeting Tool 3.07 7/6/2015 and earlier, Grid Agent 3.07 12/18/2014 and earlier, ProVal PS 3.07 7/6/2015 and earlier, ProAdmin 3.07 7/9/2015 and earlier, SimMetric 1.18 7/21/2015 and earlier


When launching WinTech software (e.g., ProVal, ProVal PS, ProAdmin, SimMetric) in Windows 10, you get a “closing due to an unrecoverable error” message



and the resulting error log file

(Crash-xxxxxxxxxx.log) contains “WS FULL: UNABLE TO COMMIT VIRTUAL MEMORY” in the Error Details section. For example:

——————– Error Details ——————–

Time:          2015-07-30 18:22:37.644



Option 1: Reinstall with new setup program

Uninstall the WinTech software, download a new full installation from dated 8/10/2015 or later, and reinstall.


  • Grid Agent. A full installation dated 8/10/2015 or later is not yet available. Please use option 2 for the Grid Agent.
  • Reinstalling only works for local installations, not network installations because reinstalling the network copy won’t revise the users’ individual .ini files. Network installations should use option 2.

Option 2: Manual fix to existing installation

  1. Edit the .ini files for the WinTech software you have.

    Software.ini filesDefault location*
    C:\program files (x86)\WinTech\ProVal
    Disclosure & Budgeting Toolpvdb.iniC:\program files (x86)\WinTech\PVDB
    Grid Agentgrid.iniC:\wintech\grid
    ProVal PSprovalps.iniC:\program files (x86)\WinTech\ProValPS
    ProAdmin Desktopproadmin.ini,
    C:\program files (x86)\WinTech\ProAdmin
    ProAdmin Serverproadmin.iniC:\program files (x86)\WinTech\ProAdminService
    SimMetricsimmetric.iniC:\program files (x86)\WinTech\SimMetric
  2. * This is the default location for a local installation. For network installations, the .ini file is located in a separate folder for each user.

    ** pvdb.ini and ft.ini may not exist if the Disclosure & Budgeting Tool (on ProVal’s Tool menu) and Fulfillment Tool (on ProAdmin’s Tools menu) haven’t been used on this machine before. If so, create a blank text file named pvdb.ini or ft.ini before proceeding to the next step.

  3. Add the following line to the [Config] section of the .ini files (you’ll need to add a [Config] section if created a new blank file in step 1).TraceLogAlloc=-1

  5. Save the changes to .ini files

  7. Start each software product the first time by right-clicking and selecting “Run as Administrator”. For ProVal, additionally go to Tools > Disclosure & Budgeting. For ProAdmin Desktop, additionally go to Tools > Fulfillment Tool. This will register the software’s .exe as an ActiveX server. There is no need to “Run as Administrator” the second, third, etc. time you start the software.


A memory allocation failure occurs on startup when there is more than 2GB of memory available.  This is due to a change in the layout of system memory on Windows 10.


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